Making the Difference

iTiles strongly believes that implementing relationships and compassion are the basis of good teamwork.

Only by helping others can we really understand who we are.

So since 2017, the team members spent a working day volunteering by choosing an association close to them. In addition to the hours spent being close to people and concretely experiencing certain realities, iTiles has contributed financially by donating and contributing to the realization of projects of volunteering.

Here some examples of these amazing day!

Pledge It – Inspired running for Aquanauts Adaptive Aquatics

Nicola has run a Marathon of 42.2km on October 7, 2018 in Okanagan, Canada. He has taken this opportunity to raise funds for his favorite and very unique organization, Aquanauts Adaptive Aquatics. This non-profit organization, among it’s many nationwide programs, provides a summer diving camp for children with disabilities. The goal: contributing to the total cost of the camp program planned for June 2019.

Aquanauts Adaptive Aquatics is a non-profit organization based out of Florida, who offer aid around the nation to educate and assist adults, children and Veteran’s with disabilities learn aquatic skills for every level of ability. This organization allows for individuals who are physically challenged to have a chance at a unique and fulfilling experience with a team of professionally trained volunteers. There are multiple Adaptive SCUBA Programs and the benefits for these individuals are priceless.

We were very honored to contribute to this program!

Rock Steady Boxing – Amazing experience

Carlos has done his experience during April, attending some lessons as coaching assistant in the Rock Steady Boxing Academy, in Jacksonville. It’s a nonprofit organization that gives people with Parkinson’s disease hope by improving their quality of life through a non-contact boxing fitness activity.

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